February 7, 2017

Sleigh Ride on the National Elk Refuge

Playing tourist on the National Elk Refuge.

We loaded up on the red sleigh drawn by Jack and Jill, the two Belgian horses. Cuddled up under the Pendleton blankets provided, the guide steers Jack and Jill towards the large herd of elk gathered together on the National Elk Refuge. With all the new snow the Belgians broke trail as they brought us as close as 10ft away from the elk. The elk were unfazed by our presence while they napped and chewed on their cud. There were around six thousand elk on the refuge when we visited. This number recently increased because they started feeding the elk a few weeks ago. We also saw a bald eagle resting on a post near the large herd and a few more eagles in the distance feeding on elk carcasses. The Elk Refuge was created in 1912 to protect habitat and provide sanctuary for the elk. It borders the town of Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. It’s fascinating being able to get so close to the elk – they’re such majestic animals.

If you’re visiting Jackson and/or wanting to take a break from skiing – I highly recommend taking a sleigh Ride on the National Elk Refuge. It’s a unique experience and one you’ll never forget.

In the distance you can see Jackson’s town ski hill – Snow King Mountain.

Meet the biggest elk on the refuge!

Saying my goodbye’s to Jack and Jill – Jill loved the attention.



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