February 12, 2017

MADE Monthly

Make someone feel special.

I love giving and receiving cards no matter the occasion. Some might think it’s a bit silly, but I’ve saved every card I’ve received. Call me sentimental, but there’s nothing that makes me feel better than taking a trip down memory lane and re-reading old cards from family and friends. Cards are such thoughtful and personal gifts and they’re perfect way to make someone feel loved.

If you live in Jackson Hole or have visited – you know MADE has THE BEST card selection. I find myself going in there at least one a month – typically in a made dash – to find a card for one reason or another. So when the guys at MADE told me about their new monthly card subscription, I said sign me up!

With the MADE monthly subscription you’ll receive four artist designed greeting cards each month – all with a hint of snark, a pun or two, and guaranteed laughs! You can sign-up yourself and/or give the MADE Monthly subscription as a gift. So if you’re like me and are regularly rushing to find the perfect card, wishing you had a pile at home for every occasion, then sign up now for the MADE monthly card program.

Spread the love and send someone a handwritten card! Subscribe HERE!

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