April 28, 2016

Overnight on the South Fork



Summer is almost here! While I’m sitting at my desk procrastinating on work, I’m daydreaming about an overnight on the South Fork. This was one of my favorite memories from last summer.

The South Fork is a section on the Snake River in Idaho and it’s one of my favorite places to go fly fishing. The fishing was awesome, but what I enjoyed most was the beautiful weather, hanging out on the water, and spending time with my favorite person, Mikey.  It’s important to disconnect, go on new adventures, and get outside!

For dinner we made the most delicious meal- elk tenderloin with sautéed veggies and macaroni and cheese.  We sat around the campfire listening to music and sipping on wine.

If I could spend every weekend out fishing and camping I would be a happy lady :). I hope you all have a wonderful fun-filled weekend!

P and I


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  1. Great job Jessica beautiful stories.

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