January 6, 2019

Hello 2019 – My Intentions for the Year!

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2018 – what a year! This past year was full of personal and professional growth. A lot happened throughout 2018 – I traveled to South Dakota for the first time, I became an aunt to little baby Jeannine, my sister and I reopened the Jackson Drug (never thought I would own or manage a restaurant), I got engaged, and I moved into a new house! This past year I was pushed out of my comfort zone, I worked my butt off, and lost a lot of sleep (and shed a few tears)! I could do an entire post reflecting on 2018 and all of its ups and downs, but for today’s post, I want to look ahead to 2019. To the new year that lies ahead of us like a blank slate!

I try to make new year’s resolutions every year…do you guys? I might share those with y’all in another post, but something I’ve come to value even more than resolutions, is a word or a phrase for the new year. As I’ve been thinking about the year ahead, there’s one word and intention that comes to mind for 2019, it’s balance. This is word keeps coming to mind as I think about the year in front of us.

For the upcoming year I want balance between my work, social life, my relationships, and my personal mental, physical, & emotional health. In the past year, my life lacked balance and I really want to make an effort to maintain my individuality while still being the best boss lady I can be. 

This past year, all my energy has been focused on work and I had zero balance in my life. Since opening the Jackson Drug on July 13th, my social life has been nonexistent. I’ve been working six to seven days a week and on my days off I just want to sleep in, drink my coffee on the couch, and not change out of my pajamas. For 2019, I want to make spending time with my friends a priority. Get my booty out of the house on my days off and make memories with my friends and even after a long day of work meet up with my them for drinks!

I am also excited to find balance with blogging. Wanderlust Out West has been on the back burner while reopening and managing the Jackson Drug. I’m finally at a place that I can spend more time blogging and doing what truly makes me happy – sharing and connecting with you all. With balance being my intention for the year – I plan to find more time to blog and scheduling posts to stay consistent (I already have two other posts scheduled to go live this week!). I can’t wait to share fresh new content on Wanderlust Out West for the upcoming year!

Well friends. It’s a new year, new chances, same dreams and a fresh start. I’m excited to find balance in the upcoming year – make my mental, physical, & emotional health a priority, have a social life again, and continue to make memories with my friends and family. Oh, and marry my best friend Mikey this coming August! So cheers to 2019!!

In honor of the new year, here are few new things I recently added to me closet!

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