September 17, 2019

Wide Leg Denim + My Custom Cowboy Hat

Happy Monday!

I am back, and all healed up from the insane reaction I had from the antibiotic I was taking that landed me in and out of the hospital for about a week! If you have missed the very unflattering photos on my IG stories, I had hives all over my body (including my face), my lips looked like a had lip injections, and my throat started to close. It was a horrible experience, but thankfully I have recovered, and it didn’t happen before my wedding.

For today’s post, I am excited to share one of the denim trends for Fall, which is a longer wide-leg jean that I styled with the custom hat I designed with Sarah from Crown & Brim.

I LOVE that wide-leg denim is in because they are so comfortable, they make any outfit more interesting and chic, and they pair perfectly with a bootie for Fall. A great way to style a pair of wide-leg denim is tucking in a shirt to accentuate your waistline. The wide-leg denim I am wearing is from Aritizia, and I paired them with a Wrangler pearl snap button up, Dolce Vita brown booties, and my Crown Brim cowboy hat.

Now onto the custom cowboy hat I designed with Sarah from Crown & Brim right before my wedding (which I wore to some of the wedding festivities!) Sarah is a fellow Wyoming gal who was also raised on a ranch in our beautiful state, and she is the most talented hat maker. After sitting with her and explaining my dream hat, she was able to create it exactly how I envisioned, and I am obsessed!

Growing up, I had always seen photos of my great-grandpa Bruce Porter wearing a cream cowboy hat on the ranch (the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch), and since then I have always wanted a similar hat (see below image). When designing my hat, I wanted to add something unique that added a very personal touch. That is when I came up with the idea of putting my family’s cattle ranch’s brand stitched on the side of the hat. It’s much more than just a brand,- it represents my family’s history of ranching in Jackson, WY for six generations. It is something I take great pride in, and I hope it will continue for future generations. Thank you, Sarah, for creating my dream cowboy hat.

My great-grandpa Bruce Porter on the right

My Outfit!



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