February 3, 2016

Snow King

Snow King 2

Skiing the lines of my grandpa , Ralph Gill.

Part of my blog is to share the history of Jackson. I am proud of my family’s history here and it is something I will always cherish. I didn’t want to just post old family photos– I want to reenact these photos and share what the experience means to me.

On the left is my grandpa about to ski Snow King. The mountain opened as a ski hill in 1939. I find it amazing and sometimes overlooked that this town has an incredible ski hill right in the heart of Jackson. The view at the top is breathtaking– you are able to look out over our quiet/quaint town and the Grand Tetons.

My grandpa  is my hero. To be able to ski the same mountain my grandfather skied brings me joy. I’m thankful he shared his love for skiing with my dad–who passed his love for skiing onto me. Following my dad’s smooth/effortless turns down the mountain taught me to appreciate being a graceful skier.

Snow King is the mountain I learned to ski on and the mountain I would head to after school for ski team. Learning to ski on such a fast mountain has shaped me into the skier I am today. Icy runs and groomers don’t scare me. 😉  But mostly, I am thankful Snow King is still up and running because even though my grandpa is no longer with me– I’m able to still do the activities he loved– it makes me feel a little closer to him.

GrandpaJessicaGill_SnowKing-18  JessicaGill_SnowKing-11-1

JessicaGill_SnowKing-13  JessicaGill_SnowKing-16JessicaGill_SnowKing-20-1



Photos: @cole.mgkra



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