October 18, 2016

Smith Rock State Park


The first day of our “Oregon Trail(er) Adventure” was pretty boring. Our 10 hour drive to Bend turned into 12 hours because of the weight of the camper trailer and the high winds. By the time we finally pulled into town we were exhausted. We made a quick grocery run to get all the fixings for elk pasta. Mikey is a hunter, so we eat A LOT of elk. Then we headed to our RV Resort which was right outside of Sisters, OR. Yes, that’s right, we stayed at an RV resort. We were not only the youngest (by at least 40 years), but we also had the oldest camper (also by 40 years). In spite of the geriatric nature of the The RV park it was actually pretty nice, complete with a hot tub, and very clean bathrooms for us to shower in.

Our first hike of the trip was in Smith Rock National Forest. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our hike. We did the 6 mile loop and headed straight for Misery Ridge. The views were gorgeous throughout the entire hike and having our dogs with us made it even more special. Smith Rock National Forest was filled with rock climbers. Check out the photo below of a climber on “Monkey Face.”

This was my first trip to Oregon since graduating from Oregon Sate in 2014. While in college the only time I ever spent in Bend was on my drives between Jackson and Corvallis. I absolutely fell in love with the area and wish we’d had more time to explore. Smith Rock was easily my favorite hike of the trip – I was in constant and complete awe of the beauty that was all around me.



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