March 1, 2018

Denim Shirt + Old Trucks

Outfit Details: Madewell Chambray Shirt | Grey High Rise Denim  | Black Booties  | Red Neck Scarf

A little Western Americana inspired outfit today on Wanderlust Out West. As a Wyoming gal, I always have a flair of western in all my outfits. This outfit is not sponsored by Madewell (but I sure wish it was) – I’m just obsessed with everything they make!

I live in button downs – both shorts sleeve and long sleeve. Short sleeve button downs are great all year round. They’re easy to layer a chunky cardigan over or wear alone in warmer weather. I like to spice up my button downs with a neck scarf for a little pop of color (also styled HERE!). I think Madewell makes some of the best neck scarves for a great price! On bottom I’m wearing high-rise boot cut denim that’s SO comfy. They have a lot of stretch and are super flattering. I’m usually a size 26 but sized down to a 25 and they fit perfectly. Lately to work I’ve been wearing these grey denim with a white or black tee and sneakers. I paired black booties with the cropped bootcut denim.

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A little Western Americana inspired outfit today on Wanderlust Out West. As a Wyoming gal, I always have a flare of western in all my outfits.


Sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog this week. I had so many blog post planned for this week but life happens. I’ve been an absolute mess dealing with my sick cat Zoey. On Saturday, I found my sweet Zoey halfway under my bed not moving and limp when I picked her up. I rushed her to the animal hospital where we found out she had a temperature of 105 so the vet gave her some fluids and antibiotics. After I brought her home she threw up and drooled for 5+ hours. I felt so helpless. Sunday she was still really out of it – not eating or drink and still drooling. I brought her back into the vet on Monday morning where we found out she still had a fever but it was down to 102.7. The vet did some blood work and x-rays. Her blood work showed a high level of a protein (I forgot what it was called). Because she still had a fever after the antibiotics, the high level of protein, and not eating or drinking the vet thought there was a high chance she had the FIP virus which is not curable and I’d have to put her down. He gave her nausea medicine and fluids and sent us home to monitor Zoey. After I brought her home she finally ate some food and drank water which was HUGE because she hadn’t eaten anything since Saturday. Zoey’s finally gaining more strength everyday, her sassy personality is showing again, and her appetite is slowly coming back. On Wednesday, I brought her back to the vet and her temp was 102.5 which the doctor thinks it’s her normal temperature and he saw an improvement in her health. She’s definitely not close to being a 100% and if she declines in the next week the doctor thinks she has FIP. I’m giving her lot of love and cuddles to give her strength to get better. Everyone that’s reached out and prayed for my Zoey – thank you so much. It means the world to me.



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