Cozy Fleece – The perfect teddy fleece for Fall and the softest piece of clothing in my closet! REN Clean Skincare Overnight Recovery Balm – My new favorite part of my nighttime skin routine. With the colder weather, my skin has been very dry and dull. This recovery balm has helped nourish my skin and […]

September Favorites

Oct 1, 2019

Feb 7, 2018

January Finds

I’m back at doing my “Monthly Finds”! I just checked and I haven’t done one since October…what the heck!? I’ve been slacking as a blogger, but I’m back to regularly doing my “Monthly Finds” on Wanderlust Out West. I have so many great items and products I’ve been loving and can’t wait to share them […]

Nov 7, 2017

October Finds

Dang where did the month of October go?! This past month I celebrated my 25th birthday, I traveled to Virginia and Nashville, TN, and had to say goodbye to my family dog Fred. October was a whirlwind of a month that brought a lot of joy and new experiences but also a lot of heartbreak. […]

Oct 11, 2017

September Monthly Finds

I’m so excited about the series I’m starting on Wanderlust Out West called “Monthly Finds.” At the beginning of every month I will share my top 10 items that I’ve been loving the previous month. These can be anything related to beauty, clothing, shoes, food, books, etc. There are so many things I want to […]

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