Faux Leather Jacket // Cheetah Shirtdress // Zara Boots (can’t find the link) // Hat (Crown+Brim with Terra) This past week in Jackson, we got a glimpse of Spring weather that got me so excited to ditch my jeans and sweaters for dresses. The anticipation of warmer weather is killing me (especially since it snowed […]

Cheetah Shirtdress

Mar 10, 2020

Mar 3, 2020

Snowshoeing to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park

DISTANCE: 4 MILES   ↠     DIFFICULTY: EASY PARK ENTRANCE FEE     Snowshoeing to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park is a perfect way to spend a winter day in Jackson, WY. It’s the ideal activity if you’re not a downhill skier or you just need to give your legs a break from skiing […]

Jan 21, 2020

Jackson Drug

A blog post I have wanted to share since we re-open the Jackson Drug’s doors on July 13, 2018! The History: For nearly 100 years, the Jackson Drug and Original Soda Fountain has held a special place in the hearts of my family, locals, and tourists alike. Jackson Drug first opened its doors in 1919 […]

Dec 20, 2019

Gift Guide for a Mountain Gal 2019

I am so excited to share my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide is for a Mountain Gal. This year’s gift guide focuses on necessities to keep a mountain gal warm throughout the winter for all their outdoor adventures – from skiing on the slopes, x-country skiing with the pups, or just trying to survive the cold […]

Nov 17, 2019

Affordable Puffy Jackets

I am currently sitting out on the patio in Maui, HI, listening to the ocean while soaking up the sunshine. Which is hilarious to me because I am sitting here writing this post wearing a bikini writing about affordable puffy jackets. But I will soon be back in the cold/snowy weather of Jackson, WY, to […]

Happy Tuesday! If you have any weddings to attend this Fall, I’ve rounded up so many different dresses and jumpsuits for you guys, ranging from a really casual outdoor fall wedding, cocktail, or to black tie. The black Free People dress I am wearing in photos, I actually wore to a wedding this Fall and […]

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

Oct 8, 2019

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